Education in Singapore

Singapore is geographically located at the heart of South-east Asia. With its strategic location and first class infrastructure, this nation has been developed into a prime hub for both business and education.

Currently there are about 70,000 international students residing here in Singapore and this is estimated to increase to 150,000 in 5 years time.

  • Some reasons why parents choose Singapore
  • A peaceful and safe country to live and study in

    With a high level of security and governance, parents enjoy a peace of mind when sending their precious ones to Singapore for long-term education.

  • High quality of education

    Certification in Singapore is well recognised globally and allows students to pursue further education in other parts of the world like the UK, USA and Europe.

  • High quality of life

    In terms of quality of life, Singapore is tops in Asia and No.32 in the world, according to the annual Mercer Human Resource Consulting survey in 2008. Singapore has also been in par with world-class technology and infrastructure, enabling the country to possess a cutting-edge globally.

  • Singapore is equally proficient in English and Chinese

    By living and studying in a bilingual environment, students are exposed to the 2 most used languages of the world in everyday life; English and Chinese. This will prove crucial when they step into the workforce.

  • This is where cultural diversity is celebrated.

    With 51 different ethnic groups living together harmoniously, this country serves as a platform for students to experience the different cultures of the world.



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